Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh, my stars

This was our dessert after Christmas dinner. I made a blueberry pie with some of the blueberries that I picked and froze back in July. I used a little star-shaped cookie cutter for the "top crust."

Starry starry pie.

The cutter came with a mix for make-your-own cat biscuits, which were made (by me) and eaten (by the cat) a few years ago. I saved the cutter, even though it's a bit small for most uses. I think it worked for this pie.

A closer look. Very festive! It was tasty, too.


  1. Oh yum yum! Makes me want to lick the computer screen.

  2. That looks fabulous! Very decorative and yummy -- always a good combo.

  3. Walt you have outdone yourself with this is beautiful, and I'm sure it was delicious.
    Good thing you saved the star cutter it did a great job.
    Love your pretty cake stand too....made the pie look even more elegant.

  4. Walt, I love the picture of you with the Yogi Bear. You and my brother must be close to the same age, he had one as well. I laughed out loud when I saw the photo. I hope you and Ken had a very blessed and joyful Christmas. Thank you both for all your posts, I read them every day.

  5. The stars are perfect like the tart! Miam, miam.

  6. The stars work perfectly and the pie looks so good!

  7. Very ethereal and tasty-looking! Smart idea to save the cutter - perfect size for a tart.

  8. Beautiful pie, Walt. Love the stars. :)

  9. I was just over at Ken's, but I was looking for dessert. You seemed to have mastered presentation. Are you a pastry chef?

    1. ms lemon, no, I'm not a pastry chef. Just an amateur!


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