Tuesday, December 03, 2013

There is still some color

Almost all of the grape vines have lost their leaves now. The vines are bare and brown and the growers have started the pruning process. That'll go on through the winter. I still see some yellow in the trees, but there's not a lot left. We're down to freezing again this morning and the cold certainly speeds things along.

Blackberry leaves turn yellow and brown.

We still have the maple leaves to rake up out front. Today might be a good day to get started on that. Or maybe tomorrow. After that, the tilleul (linden) tree will finish dropping its leaves and they will need to be gathered up, too. We'll spread the leaves over the garden plots for the winter to help keep weeds down. In the spring, they'll get tilled into the soil.


  1. Lovely shade of brown on this leaf... a rich, chocolatey brown!

  2. look at the detail on the leaf veins!

  3. Ditto above. Plus your narrow depth of field focus is spot on.

  4. I used to really enjoy the first half hour of leaf-raking. And I could never forgive the trees for not all dropping their leaves at once.

  5. tim, an idea for a friandise!

    anne marie, cool, eh?

    stuart, sometimes you get lucky!

    mitch, I totally agree.


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