Monday, December 23, 2013

The waning moon

Now that the clouds have moved back in, we're not seeing the moon much. But just a few days ago we had a nice lunar show. I took this photo without a tripod and was surprised at how clear the moon came out.

The moon sets behind some trees to the west.

We're in full holiday mode, preparing for our Christmas Eve tradition of a cheese fondue, then the full dinner on Christmas Day built around a chapon de pintade (a castrated male guinea fowl; ouch!). Chapon (a chicken capon) is the traditional Christmas bird in France, along with turkey. But the Guinea capon is also well known. I'm predicting there will be photos, but it's anyone's guess as to who will take them.


  1. I'll take the cheese foudue and the hell with the rest! and aren't you just the pwecious angel EVAH?!?

  2. Lovely photo of the moon Walt.

  3. Le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune
    Mais la lune n'est pas là et le soleil l'attend
    Ici-bas souvent chacun pense à chacune
    Chacun doit en faire autant
    La lune est là, la lune est là
    La lune est là, mais le soleil ne la voit pas
    Pour la trouver il faut la nuit
    Il faut la nuit mais le soleil ne le sait pas et toujours luit
    Le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune
    Mais la lune n'est pas là et le soleil l'attend
    Papa dit qu'il a vu ça lui...

  4. You have a steadier hand than I when shooting the moon. I like the way it's framed by the tree limb silhouettes.

  5. Beautiful moon shot! Have a wonderful Christmas day!

  6. Thank you Jean Laine. I had forgotten Charles Trent's song.
    Beautiful, clear shot Walt.

  7. The light blue sky is not what has been visible around here. We go from daytime to dark very quickly and my views of the moon have been with a very black night sky. You have even captured the topography. Very nice. (did you notice no exclamation points?) I'm trying. My N.Y.'s resolution is to be more in control...

  8. You made a very cute Christmas Angel! Love the moon shot.

  9. The sky is blue and cloudless here in Melbourne, there are sail boarders on the bay and we will be having a seafood entree for Xmas lunch. I know we will not be having a traditional white Xmas - but we will just have to live with it.
    Good wishes to you both - have an enjoyable and safe festive season.
    Leon and Sue


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