Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Avenue de la gare

Here's another photo from Varennes-sur-Fouzon. It was just over two weeks ago now that we were there. I took these pictures while taking Callie for a walk in the morning (we spent the night there). There is a long avenue that leads from the center of town out toward the train station, hence its name (Train Station Avenue).

The train station is all the way to the end of the avenue, then off to the right, outside the picture.

The people we visited are Americans who rented a house for a good deal of the summer. They like to spend summers away from the sweltering heat of the Arizona desert. They are coming over to see us on Saturday and we're planning a pizza party. Home-made pizza, of course. There may be photos...


  1. there had BETTER be photos; how else can we peek into your world?

    phoenix, eh? wonder if they know dr. spo and someone?

  2. Wow a great avenue of lindens. As I can see.

  3. What a charming avenue. Didn't you just want to move that dumpster? Pizza?!?

    1. EXACTEMENT, Mitchell!!!
      Just what I was thinking...

      Mary in OR

  4. Not so charming if you have to lug your luggage along it on a hot summer's day (not that I've been to this particular place, but I remember my backpacking days......)


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