Friday, July 18, 2014


After that cold and rainy week (or more) earlier this month, we're finally in summer mode. It's been hot. The vegetable garden is doing well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have heavy thunderstorms with hail that could destroy the crop. Not to mention what that could do to the grape growers.

A sign that summer is in full swing: the wild chicory is blooming all over.

We're supposed to have a stormy weekend (that is, thunderstorms in the evenings or overnight), then a calmer period with more seasonable temperatures and dry days through next week. That will be nice.


  1. Stormy weather in the forecast? I'll be looking for some interesting weather photos, Walt!

    Nice showing how transparent the petals of the chicory are when the light is right.

    Mary in Oregon

  2. Just a hop and a skip from you, on the other coastal side of 'La Manche', it was unexpectedly thundery and a bit wet last night. Hasn't cleared the air, though, as it's still stifling as anything this morning. Our forecast, which still stands, is that tonight, like yours, will be the stormy one. A drop in temps to a more bearable level would indeed be welcome.

  3. after mary's comment, I went back and looked more closely at the flower. interesting; almost like tissue paper!

  4. Lovely photo! The blue color of the chicory comes out superbly.

  5. I love wild chicories they aree amazing.

  6. Sorry to hear that the heat is making it tough to sleep up in your sweeeeet loft :)

  7. mary, no real storms yet... but we're still expecting some.

    raybeard, you seem to be getting it worse than we are. We're a little farther east than the storm track... for now.

    anne marie, they've popped up all along the vineyard road. Very pretty!

    n&a, thanks!

    gosia, :)

    judy, ugh! We have two fans blowing, but it's still hot.


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