Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer

Not much going on outdoors right now. A couple days of rain and cool temperatures have kept us inside. The garden is growing and there's not a lot of maintenance to do. Of course, there will be plenty to do when it warms up again. I've got to prepare for the arrival of this year's firewood. That means cleaning up under the carport where I cut and store the logs. There's also some outside trim and window sills we'd like to paint. The grass (weeds) will need to be cut again in the next few days.

The rising sun shines through the morning haze while Callie waits for me to take the picture.

Callie gets her two daily walks, rain or shine. Ken took her out yesterday evening and came back with a bag full of little yellow plums. I think I'll make another tart.


  1. Yesterday's tart sure looked delicous :)

  2. Ah summer. It's a wonderful time of the year isn't it Walt? But then all too soon it's over and we're back in the freezer locker again. But, enjoy these lazy, hazy, crazy days while you can.

  3. Quelle vedette, cette Callie ;-) Bises à vous deux !


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