Monday, July 07, 2014

The edge of town

Still in Varennes-sur-Fouzon, this is a view of town from just outside to the north. The fields of grain give way to buildings with the church just about in the center. French towns don't sprawl to the extent that American towns do. They are compact and very city-like at the center and there are very few buildings outside the town line.

Standing outside of town, looking in.

We're now in a period of cooler, wetter weather. Just in time, too, because summer vacation just began. Ugh!


  1. Nice town close to nature.

  2. Looking at your temperature gage, it is rather cool for July. Maybe August and fall will have warmer temps.

  3. And... when do the kids go back to school?

  4. Did you enhance that golden wheat color? If not, you've certainly captured a very colorful little piece of Varennes-sur-Fuzon! It could be a photo of someplace in America, don't you think?

    Mary in Oregon


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