Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunday morning walk

This is where we start our morning walks. Once we leave the back yard, through the garden gate, we start out into the vineyards on this dirt road. The direction at this point is roughly southwest, so the sun is rising at our backs. Most mornings I stick pretty much to the road because the tall grasses between the vines and the woods can be wet. On dry days we'll take detours around the vineyard parcels and sometimes cross over to the paved road to the north, then swing back around to the dirt road to come home.

Sunrise this past Sunday morning. You can see Callie out in front, to the right of the road.

Our afternoon walks go in the other direction, mostly. The anti-deer electric fence around the parcel to our north has been deactivated and lowered, so Callie and I can follow the path down through the woods toward the river. That's a nice walk, too, but there are more houses (and dogs) along the way. Here's almost the same view, but in winter:

December 2010. Can't you just feel the chill?


  1. Both of these shots are wonderful... together, they're even better !

  2. Oh yes! But.. I think it is a superb photo :-)

  3. Oh, my!I hadn't really thought about winter and snow recently. Yikes. (Great photos, though, of course ;) )

  4. Wow, I prefer the first photo but the second is nice too but not now.

  5. I agree; the two photos next to each other are stunning.

  6. To everything there is a season, turn turn turn- that's what's running through my head right now...


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