Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I haven't run out of old photos. Yet. This one is, I think, from 1963. The actual photograph is stamped "Dec 63," but that doesn't look like it would December in upstate New York. So, maybe it's from the fall. I would have been three, almost four, years old.

If I remember correctly, my parents rented the upstairs apartment in this building where we lived in 1963.

I have some other photos from this group (same date stamp) with snow in them which makes me think that this roll of film was developed in December of that year. I remember, of course, back in the film days how a single roll of film could sit in a camera for months before it was developed. That's all ancient history, now.


  1. I remember how disappointing it often was when the photos finally arrived, all those wonky buildings and people with their feet or top of their heads missing!

  2. (sings)
    oh what a night
    late december back in 63
    what a very special time for me
    as I remember what a night

  3. And ties were big back then - both in fashion and width.

  4. Had you 'come out' yet? ;-)
    I wonder if you remember the huge event that had happened just the previous month. I shouldn't have thought so. (I was nearly six at the time of our Queen's coronation, though I don't recall the day itself - but all the razzmatazz surrounding it, most certainly).

  5. Oh, yes, remember those days? Buying film that allowed 12 or 24 or 36 photos (only! so don't waste a photo!)? And dropping it off at FOX photo or Walgreen's or even mailing it off... and it was kind of expensive, too.

  6. Walt,
    Ah yes, 1963. I remember 1963 as if it was yesterday. In January of 1963 I was finished my three year tour of duty in the Army. In April of 1963 I came out to . . . . . .EVERYBODY. I was 21 years old. Boy to I ever feel old now. :)


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