Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing with the hose

I remember when I was a kid, and the summer weather sweltered, we would hook up the lawn sprinkler and play in the spray to cool off. In what's becoming an annual tradition, Callie had her "play in the spray" yesterday.

Callie snaps at the stream of water as Ken sprays her.

She has always been nuts about water spraying out of the hose, barking and snapping at it. So much so that if we're using the hose (watering the garden or washing the car), Callie has to be locked inside. So when she actually gets to play, she lets loose with wild abandon.

It doesn't matter where the water is, she's gonna get a mouthful.

She has a lot of fun and gets soaked. In the hot weather, it doesn't take long for her to dry. Summer's far from over, so there may be another spray day in the near future.

Crazy canine!


  1. callie looks like a child enjoying herself at play!

  2. She's having a whale of a time - and good for her.
    I wonder if she gave a reaction to last night's 'fireworks', which I think you must have had, as did we (for our second night running). I found one of my pussies cowering away in a hidey place when I crawled out of bed this morning following inadequate sleep because of the racket. About to remedy that right now - but more is forecast.

  3. Don't they just love it!
    I once had my hose on jet and Jake chewed the water all the way up to the hose!!
    After that, that became a regular game...
    he also loved the spray...
    but, if we went to the seaside, he was in and out of the water all the time...
    no matter how cloudy the weather.

    In fact, we discovered he could find a stone thrown into the surf....
    and come back out with the correct one...
    never worked out quite how he did that...
    even on a shingle beach??!

    if we wanted to wash him down....
    he was off like a shot!!!

  4. wow, she is very energetic and creative. I love her.

  5. Had a Lab/Shepherd cross that did the same

  6. she is really having a dancin good time....pure it

  7. Rosie, our poodle grand dog does the same stuff with a hose- dogs are such fun! I bet Bertie was no where near that hose play.

  8. Kids will be kids - oh how I loved to play in the sprinkler on hot days during the summer (and of course, my dogs always loved to play like Callie - biting the stream of water, or chasing it! That's what summer is for - right? It really brought a big smile to my face seeing her have so much fun!

    Mary in Oregon

  9. cute :-) What happens when she gets in range of a fountain?

  10. There is nothing like playing with water on a hot day. Not that it will happen any time soon here. $ 150 for the first fine wasting water then $ 500 after that.

  11. Oh what happy lovely photos!


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