Monday, July 28, 2014

Bean blossoms

The green beans in the vegetable garden are covered with beautiful lavender blossoms. In the past, my green bean plants have had white blossoms, so I must have picked up a different variety this year. These are the dwarf beans; the climbing beans are just starting to form flowers and I don't know what color they are, yet.

I'm looking forward to harvesting the first green beans.

Last night's rain will be good for the plants. It also helped to replenish the water in the rain barrel. I had pretty much used it all up during this past week of hot weather. The new rain barrels we got this year are working well and I've been using a lot less town water in the garden.


  1. pretty bean blossoms!

    we too have a rain barrel; spouse uses it for garden watering. ours got filled last evening due a fierce thunderstorm.

  2. Warning! This is the first step on the road to bean collector's addiction. Next you'll become aware of the pretty patterns on the seeds. Then someone will give you the seeds of a few heritage varieties with quaint names. Then you'll find that there's a bowl of dried beans on the table, all different colours, and you're absently running your fingers through them. Half your garden is devoted to beans. You become a member of a circle of seed-swappers. Danger! Would you like some Bulgarian Purple seeds? Cherokee trail of tears? Ireland Creek Annie? Ernie's Big Eye? Nun's Belly Button? ....P

  3. Yippee for the rain! We had big storms in the forecast for two days ago, and got nothing but a few drops.

  4. Such beautiful flowers. I love the idea of the rain barrels.

  5. I hope so it will be soon.

  6. anne marie, we have three of them. The two new ones hold 310 liters each, for a total of about 163 gallons. The third is an old barrel that was here when we moved. It collects water from the garden shed roof and I don't know how much it holds.

    pauline, I hope I don't end up there. Still, Ernie's Big Eye sounds interesting...

    judy, we often get much less than predicted. Unless we get more.

    mitch, and hoses and making siphons and lugging watering cans back and forth to the garden...

    gosia, we must have patience!


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