Friday, July 04, 2014

Views of Varennes

Like most French towns, the center of Varennes-sur-Fouzon is clustered around a church, a vestige of the power of the Pope and the Roman Catholic institution in the middle ages. I'm often amazed at just how monumental these churches are, especially in small towns of no more than a thousand people.

The church is built in the romanesque style (pre-gothic), but the current building dates from the late 19th century. Almost new!

I didn't go inside this particular church, but I've been inside enough of them to know that it's probably very well maintained, and likely still used, if not for weekly masses, then for weddings and funerals and services on the high Catholic holidays.


  1. The town is lovely at my place in the past towns were built around Roman Catholic church. The church was the most organization in the small communities.

  2. Happy 4th, Walt! Yesterday's photo was sooooo cute! Yes, I agree with the comment yesterday, "dear" would be my choice! (Blondie!)

    Your song phrases as related to the photos are so much fun to read and enjoy!

    Mary in OR


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