Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting tired of this

Not only are the days dark, but it's cold, too. Not at all like July. C'est la grogne. People are complaining, especially people who have gone to the beaches in the north where it's cold and rainy. We're supposed to be coming out of this, but they say it will be slow. On Tuesday we're expecting the air flow to shift back to the south which will bring us much warmer temperatures.

Nice weather for a barbeque, n'est-ce pas?

Meanwhile, the garden is getting good and watered. Now the plants would appreciate some warm sunshine. Me, too.


  1. So the garden is satisfied with weather but people are bored. Funny situation.

  2. You and me both!! I want to be able to walk outside on my crutches not be reduced to marching up and down inside. As for sitting outside with a good book.....
    Our tomatoes are still very green...

  3. I love this photo with the amazing sky. You might be tired of the weather but here, we are yearning for clouds and rain. El Nino might be coming back; we are keeping our fingers crossed.

  4. Do you see an influx of tourists in your area over a long holiday weekend like this one?

  5. It is hard to imagine, as we have temps between 40-45

  6. I like all the layers... in the sky as well as on the ground.


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