Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Here comes the rain again

Most of today's forecast rain is north of us, but we're expecting scattered showers through the afternoon. I've already used most of the water we collected from the last showers a few days ago, so I'm hoping we get enough to replenish the rain barrels again.

I think this flower looks like a pineapple in drag. Fabulous!

I didn't find the part I wanted for my weed trimmer after going to two of our local hardware stores yesterday. Ken's going out later and will stop at a third, but I'm not hopeful. I'll have to buy the part on the internet, I think.


  1. "I think this flower looks like a pineapple in drag. Fabulous!" - best line of the day (so far); put a smile on my face!

  2. That's knapweed - knap meaning "head" (knopf, in German). Close up it looks ready for Rio carnaval. Tim always leaves the knapweed plants when he mows the grass. Makes for an odd-shaped lawn, but very colourful!

  3. Perfect flower.Is it a thistle?

  4. Anne Marie - I believe its more Priscilla of the desert. Then what would I know - I forget the movie.

  5. This flower could have starred at Finocchio's.

  6. "I think this flower looks like a pineapple in drag."
    I'll never look at a Knapweed in the same way ever again!!
    W.S.I. [Warm Smile Inside]

    Contrary to Pauline's remark...
    I mow round some of them...
    certainly not all, and usually ones that I can leave near the edges....
    a lot of insects like them, so there is a double benefit!!


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