Monday, August 18, 2014

It's starting

Some of the grapes out in the vineyards are beginning to turn red. The red ones, that is. I think these are côt (also known as malbec) grapes, but they could be gamay. I'm not sure. There are three red varietals grown in our area, the third being cabernet franc. By looking at the leaves, I don't think these are cabernet grapes (I compare them with internet images to try to figure it out).

The grapes are starting to ripen.

I had a hard time sleeping early this morning. I was awake between 3:30 and 5:00. The air was still and a little stuffy, even with the window open. This morning is overcast (where'd that sun go?), so that may be the reason.


  1. Or maybe you are worried about Ken??
    Keep well...

  2. That's a wonderful shot of the grapes. We have an oscillating fan in our bedroom and it seems to always guarantee a sound sleep for me.

  3. It really feels like autumn! Well, everything else has been early this year, I guess autumn could be the same.

  4. Here is Ontario the vines are more mature; there is no lack of wine here.


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