Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tidying up

For some reason I was really productive on Monday. It started out simply, but before I knew it I was on a roll. I shoveled the dirt from mole hills and relocated it to some low spots in the yard. Then I picked up the apples that had fallen from the trees and dumped them into the compost pile. I did all this in preparation for cutting the grass, thinking I'd do that today.

This section of the South 40 is a pain to cut because of the shrubs and the winding rocky path. I'm slowly getting the shrubs under control again.

Then I found myself getting the mower out, just to do the south forty and the strips outside the hedge along the road (the rest of the weed patch lawn was still too wet to cut). Once that was done, I got out the weed-eater (which involves reeling out two long extension cords because it's electric) and whacked the tall grass and wild carrot from along the walkway borders. While I had the electric cords out, I thought I might as well get the hedge trimmer and even up a shrub that I had trimmed a little unevenly a couple weeks ago.

This is what it looked like before I cut it, with the lopsided shrub and rampant wild carrot.

I felt really good about getting all of that done. But after lunch I got my second wind and took the lawnmower out again and finished the whole yard. I figured that, since the grass was dry, it was the best time to cut it. It would only be wet again (from dew) on Tuesday morning. And we're expecting rain this afternoon and on Wednesday. There's no time like the present! So, with that done, all I have on my list for this morning is picking green beans.

The West 40 (with the vegetable garden) and the North 40 (in the back of the photo behind the apple trees) are cut, too!


  1. Very smart! There's something immensely satisfying about getting work done, which makes me think human beings must be programmed to enjoy hard work! Possibly!

  2. It looks beautiful. You've got a gift for trimming and shaping.

  3. Well done. You are the perfect gardener.

  4. Bien fait! I need to find my second wind more often than I do.


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