Monday, November 03, 2014

A dark and stormy day

That's what we're expecting on this first Monday of November. Then the temperatures are expected to drop to more seasonable levels. It had to happen. I feel good about getting most of the garden ripped out and our big burn pile burned up before it gets windy and rainy.

This is from Burgundy a little over a week ago, but it will look a lot like this here today.

The guy who cuts the hedges came by last week to look at the apple trees I want him to prune. While he was here, I made a deal with him to cut the rest of our firewood now that my twenty-one year old chainsaw is no longer cooperating. I had already cut enough firewood to get us through two or three months, so there's no urgency. I could buy a new chainsaw. However, we're thinking of replacing the wood stove next year with one that will take larger logs that we can buy already cut to size. If we don't replace the stove, we can still try to buy pre-cut logs, they will just be more expensive. My lumber-jacking days may be coming to an end.


  1. Love the "selfie" avatar...
    I see you are still having to "stabilize" your head and not the camera!! ;o)

    The picture above is wonderful...
    yet another I could hang on the studio wall...

  2. darling, you changed your photo! so beary!

  3. I agree with Tim, dramatic photo!

    1. Your loaf of bread makes me think of African masks.

  4. That chainsaw did well to last 21 years - give it a respectful funeral before it goes to the decheterie. And that old stove could sell... Yours with a scottish ancestry, Pauline

  5. I get to watch the seasons change properly, through your blog.

  6. Walt,
    I've always loved these stark minimalist color photos. I think I even did a painting once of a scene similar to this photo you posted. Very nice, your photo that is.

  7. That shot of the fence is fantastic ! I must admit I don't miss my chainsaw one bit.

  8. anne marie, my previous profile shot was a couple years old, so I thought I should update it.

    chm, lol - I thought it looked like an alien!

    pauline, I've only owned it for five years - bought it used after its owner passed away. I have no idea how hard it was used before, but it's given me good service. Now it's acting up too much to be worth the trouble and expense. Such is life!

    michael, in the comfort of your own home! Stay tuned... winter's on its way.

    ron, do you still have the painting?

    stuart, thanks! I still have two working chainsaws, but this was the big powerful one.


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