Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Another view of Irancy

I'll stop with the vines after this. We did see other things in Burgundy apart from the vineyards, but I seem to have taken a lot of pictures among the vines. What can I say? The first full day of our visit was to Chablis, Tonnerre, and Irancy. We spent the next (and last) full day visiting towns, mostly in the car, but we did take a walk with Callie in a nice place called Montréal. More about that later.

The town of Irancy is nestled in a low spot among the hills. The church tower is just visible in the center of this photo.

We had a good rain last night. I'll measure the amount in the rain gauge when it gets light outside (Update: I did. Fifteen millimeters). I built a fire in the stove yesterday morning and it kept us cozy all day. The new doors to the deck really make a difference; the old doors were single-paned and didn't seal well when closed. Of course, it's not particularly cold outside, but I'm still encouraged.


  1. Beautiful. Pictures of Burgundy, and the village churches and life around them, make me think of Clochemerle....!

  2. These are nice...
    this one in particular looks like carpets laid out in the sun!

  3. Walt
    This is a very beautiful and detailed picture of the landscape
    Was watching the life of Louis IX ( Saint Louis) last night and there was also a mention of the Abbaye de Montréal in Palerme Sicile.

  4. Thanks for pointing out the church tower. Had it not been for the caption, I never would have realized that there was actually a town in the photo!


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