Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dogs are allowed.

While I know it's France and dogs are allowed in many stores and most restaurants, I was still surprised to see dogs allowed entry to the gardens at Villandry. The château and gardens are privately owned, but it still surprised me. I wonder if they have to pay an entrance fee?

Part of the castle's forecourt, seen from the terrace above.

As you can see in the sidebar, our weather is transitioning from very mild to more seasonable. Our highs are going down into single digits now and for the foreseeable future (which, granted, is not very long where weather is concerned). Yesterday I ordered home heating fuel to take us through winter. I got a really good price compared to previous years as the price of oil has been dropping lately. And the wood pile is stocked and ready to go as well.


  1. wow . I am suprised in Poland dogs are forbidden at public places

  2. I do imagine they are not allowed in the château itself...?

  3. In general, France inverts the usual rules of where dogs are allowed. Shops, restaurants fine, but not in parks.

    Of all the countries I went to in Europe, Poland was one of the most restrictive for dogs. Very limited as to where we could go in Krakow and Warsaw.

  4. nice looking dudes! 41F at 7a this morning here; that's 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday.

  5. Keep an eye on those oil prices. They're sure to drop some more
    as a result of that OPEC meeting last Thursday.

  6. Are you still considering replacing your woodburner?

  7. Love the shadows of the table and chairs and of the tracks in the said. What a great eye you have! (Well you have two great eyes, but you know what I mean.)

  8. gosia, the French really love their dogs.

    betty, I don't think they are.

    mike, yes. That's interesting about Poland.

    anne marie, wow. We're going in just the opposite direction.

    sheila, I'm locked in now.

    judy, yes, but still not decided.

    cheryl, one of my eyes is less great than the other. lol!


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