Thursday, November 06, 2014

Montréal, France

It's a little town perched on a hill overlooking the rolling hills of northern Burgundy. According to Wikipedia, the population is a whopping 192. There are six Montréals in France and most of them are in the south. This one is the farthest north.

The view from the churchyard looking northeast toward the hilltop town of Thizy. Those are tombs in the foreground.

Montréal seems like a tourist destination with plenty of vacation rentals available. The main street winds up the hill to the highest point where, what else, a twelfth century church sits. There is not much remaining of the old château (in fact, I'm not sure I knew there was one until I wrote this) which was demolished in the eighteenth century. The upper and lower gates in the old fortifications are still standing, however, and visitors must pass through them to enter the historic upper town.

I have a few photos from Montréal to share, so I'll post them over the next few days.


  1. Hmm... much more bucolic than the Montréal I live in! lol! ;)

  2. This Montreal is a feast for our eyes!

  3. 4C - join the club , eh :-)
    Expecting some of the white stuff tonight and haven't got my winter tires on yet.

    Hollande did a quick visit to Montréal two days ago after Québec City, Ottawa and Alberta.


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