Thursday, November 27, 2014

Up on the roof

The first thing we did at Villandry was to wander through the château itself. While I'd been to the gardens before, I had never been inside the castle. The funny thing is that I took no pictures inside. It was nice, furnished as it might have been in the eighteenth century and there was plenty to see. But I never snapped a photo.

Looking over the Loire valley from the castle's rooftop terrace.

Toward the end of the circuit we climbed a stair up onto a terrace in the older tower and were treated to sweeping views all around. That's when I rediscovered the camera.


  1. the view is great Enjoy it

  2. Never been right up there....
    view looks great!

    "That's when I rediscovered the camera."....
    you aren't suffering from "too many pockets syndrome" are you??

  3. Sometimes you just get so involved with what you are seeing that you forget the camera. That's a good thing, actually.The other extreme is people who snap or catch on video absolutely everything and never see anything except through the viewfinder or screen. Some day, when you are in the mood for shots of 18th century furnishings, you'll remember Villandry and go back there for pictures.

  4. Isn't the interior 19th C/early 20th C, with some fairly grim 17th C Spanish paintings and a Moorish ceiling in one room which is the highlight? Maybe it's changed -- it's a few years since I went inside.

  5. At times it is good to just forget the camera and immerse yourself in the experience and not look for good angles or lighting.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you, Walt and Ken .
    Your little definition of TG is very funny and à propos.
    Another one for you ( check the translated sentences an phrases)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. Enjoy the lamb!


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