Friday, November 28, 2014

The day after

It's just a regular Friday here in France. No crazy shoppers, no "black Friday" sales. Even if the phenomenon did get a mention on today's morning newscast, it's still just another American curiosity. Our Thanksgiving feast went well. I took two photos, and only one came out well enough to share. It's our entrée (first course), my home-made pumpkin ravioli in a sage butter sauce with walnuts.

Pumpkin ravioli -- I even made the pasta myself.

The roast leg of lamb was tasty and the pumpkin pie with cream went over well. The dessert was the only nod to the American culinary traditions of Thanksgiving, although my pumpkin pie is much less sweet and spicy than those I remember. Afterward, we had a rollicking game of French Monopoly. It was an older game, so the currency was in Francs. Hundreds of thousands of them. I was the first player to go bankrupt.


  1. This looks delicious! Sorry about your going bankrupt.

  2. The online retailers have caught on to the Black Friday thing and are pumping up the hysteria. They are selling out of date models for silly prices. Your pumpkin ravioli looks much better value for money! We have some wonderful sweet squash this year, but maybe you just have memories of the sweet by and by? Pauline

  3. Those ravioli look great! so, you had guests for Thanksgiving? Americans? Anyone we know? ��

  4. That's a wonderful shot. If it tasted half as good as it looks it must have been fabulous !

  5. What a pity you live far away.. It is so tasty

  6. Hello, gentlemen
    I've followed both your blogs for a while but never commented. Love your tone and way of life. My partner and I have just sold our little property portfolio in Spain and will be moving to your region in a couple of weeks, so I wanted to say hello. If your posts are anything to go by, it'll be a lovely change of pace for us.
    We've rented a little place near Bourges as a base for house hunting.
    E. de Mas (& M. Gwilym)

    1. Good luck! The weather will certainly be a change for you.

  7. I love ravioli - yours looks splendid.


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