Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Low clouds and fog

Back in San Francisco, nearly every weather forecast was the same: patchy morning low clouds and fog, clearing to the coast by mid-day. Day after day. Actual rain was a big news event, even more so in times of drought. We don't have that problem here. But, like clockwork, the November fog is upon us.

Fog forms in the vineyard at sunrise. On this day, it didn't get very thick and it burned off quickly.

It's not at all like San Francisco fog in that it's not borne in by wind. The air is still when the fog forms at sunrise, often after a crystal clear night. High pressure keeps it tacked to the ground for most, if not all, of the day.


  1. That's not fog, Walt...
    that is a lovely "morning mist"...
    a brume... not a brouillard...
    and is something that most landscape photographers adore!!
    It is something we "Easterners" both hate and love...
    Hate it for early morning or late evening driving...
    love it for the visual effects otherwise.
    In the main, it rises from nearby rivers...
    and, if you can get above it and look down...
    you see the countryside as a series of islands in a sea of mist....
    trees and occasional rooftops... especially church spires...
    sticking out of the sea like marker buoys.
    The trickiest bit... to my mind... is catching both the light AND the mist just right!

  2. Amazing photography!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEEYOOTIFUL

  3. Gorgeous photo.

    We encounter patches of mist when we drive along the river when the morning sun starts to warm it up, and it's very pretty.

    But gray all day is depressing.

  4. Took several similar photos today on the way to and from Amboise but disagree with Carolyn in that its depressing but just different and great fodder for photos as yours represents. All the seasons have their special moments.

  5. Gorgeous photo. I find fog like this so beautiful and mystical. But after a few hours, it sure doesn't help my depressive personality. After San Diego's weather, San Francisco was not an easy adjustment.

  6. christine, merci!

    tim, now I'm in a fog.

    holymotherofgod, ok, now THAT's a handle.

    carolyn, gray all day is November in the Cher valley.

    leon, it makes us appreciate the bright and sunny days all the more.

    mitch, I can imagine.

    1. No Walt....
      you are in a "haze"!
      in its many languages...
      has words for ALL the different types of fog!!
      We get lots... but, thank the gods...
      we no longer get "smog".
      It is rather like Esquimos and snow....


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