Saturday, November 22, 2014

More than a castle

The town of Azay-le-Rideau is very nice. These days it's all done up for the tourist trade because the château is a big draw. There are all manner of shops with crafts and artsy things, specialty foods, and trinkets for any budget. And there are restaurants to please everybody.

On our way to the castle gates.

This is the street that leads from the main square in town to the gates of the château. I was attracted to a few of the shops, but we had a castle to see, so on we went.


  1. so it seems to be an old town and interesting one

  2. It always fascinates/surprises me how dramatically different old France and old Spain look. This is beautiful and, for me, there's no mistaking it for anywhere but France.

    1. That's what I think, Mitchell, as I read your blog posts and Walt's :)

  3. I would need to have a brief look in the craft shops. Tourists need restaurants and there are several in this photo.

  4. Walt, you're saving us thousands of dollars with this series. Such great photos.

  5. It is marvelous not to see 'chain stores'

  6. gosia, I think it's been around since gallo-roman times.

    mitch, it's a lot wetter up here, and the stone is different, I think.

    evelyn, I saw an interesting garden shop, full of fruffy stuff.

    carloyn, thanks! Checks can be mailed to...

    michael, they keep those on the outskirts. And there are plenty of them.

  7. I remember it being more of just a "normal" town in the early 90s...just a few tacky souvenir shops to show it was a tourist attraction. It sounds like it has changed.


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