Friday, November 14, 2014


The closest town to where we stayed in Burgundy was this amazing remnant of a medieval fortress called Noyers. It's pronounced [nwah-YAIR], which is completely different from the way the town across from us is pronounced. It's spelled the same, Noyers, but is pronounced like this: [nwah-YAY].

We bought food here. Yum.

The town has many historical sites, but it also has a renowned restaurant and deli. We did not eat at the restaurant, but we did buy some food from the deli. Among the specialties there is jambon persillé, or ham in gelatin with parsley. And it was very good.

Behind the store is a picturesque street where their restaurant is.

We also bought some patés and a loaf of whole grain bread. All very good. We walked around the town for a while because, when we arrived, the stores were closed. We had to wait for them to open again to get our goods. And we are very glad we waited.

Very medieval.


  1. Just my kind of place. It's one of the Plus Beaux Villages, right?

  2. Ooh ooh ooh :) I love the look of this place :)
    I stayed at a hotel in Paris called Millésime, or rue Jacob, I think, or near there. I had never heard the word before. As always happens, since then, I've seen or heard it many times.

  3. That's interesting that the pronunciations are different. Maybe "Noyers" had a sex (or gender) change at some point. In any case it looks like a really charming place... well captured.

  4. carolyn, yes, it is.

    judy, I learned that word while visiting Champagne, as champagnes with years on the bottle are referred to as "millésimés."

    stuart, hmmmm...


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