Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Here are two stone walls I saw in Montréal (Yonne) a few weeks ago. They're both retaining walls built along the steep street where the lower town meets the upper town. And while the townspeople would prefer us to go in a certain direction, we are not obliged.

Walk this way, please.

The second wall had a door in it that has been sealed up. I don't know when or why, but it looks recently cleaned and/or renovated. The sculpture above the door looks like king François Ier's royal emblem: the salamander.

You really have to want to go through this door.


  1. Nice shots. I love those stone walls... and doors. That definitely looks like François' salamander.

  2. Lovely picture of beautiful stone. The second one must be pretty big given the scale of the hitching ring! Pauline

  3. "Nutrisco et estinguo."

    p.s. I love the stone. Just love it!

  4. On the first sign, I find it funny that "Sens" is also a city in the Yonne...

  5. stuart, thanks. The textures were amazing and so very different, and the two walls were pretty much across the street from one another.

    pauline, I think it was a standard door size.

    judy, excellent!

    betty, I thought about that, too. :)


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