Friday, November 07, 2014

Periodic puppy pics

Here's Callie in the streets of Montréal (Yonne). There were very few people walking through town and virtually no car traffic so we didn't need to have her on her leash. She's very good about sticking close to us, but we kept the leash handy just in case there were people, other dogs, or cats about.

Callie leads us through the back streets of Montréal.

Callie still doesn't like to ride in the car, but she's much better at tolerating it than she used to be. She appreciates the opportunity to get out and walk around between long rides, and it's even better without having to be on the leash.


  1. looks too narrow for cars, but just right for a pretty girl!

  2. I always love these photos of Callie looking back at you :)

  3. She does seem to like her portrait taken.

  4. Ah, les petites ruelles de Montré me souviens.

  5. Striking picture, all color coordinated. Did you notice that?

  6. I simply LOVE this photograph!

  7. anne marie, it is a real street that cars use.

    judy, sometimes I have to call her name to get her to do it...

    stuart, she tolerates it. lol

    dean, well played!

    ron, but of course. Not. ;)

    stephen, thanks!

    gosia, yup.

    christine, always. :)


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