Monday, December 18, 2017

A Saint Louis cardinal

Here's a new ornament for this year's holiday tree. It's a cardinal from Saint Louis, Missouri, brought to us by our friend Judy (Seine Judeet) when she visited last summer. Ken and I met Judy back in 1981 in Paris. She was on the same study abroad program that I was on all those years ago. We got back in touch through the internet and had a great time getting re-acquainted.

We don't have cardinals in France, except for this one. It looks great on the tree!

Judy became a French teacher and has had a wonderful career. I shouldn't say "had" because she's still at it. Thanks for the memories and the ornament, Judy! Come back and see us again!


  1. Beautiful ornament. So glad I've gotten to know Judy through blogging (and you).

  2. 12, almost 13 years ago, I was on a walk in the Mount Auburn Cemetery, just outside Boston. I saw a cardinal and an oriole. The baseball fan in me was happy.

  3. Awwwwww! What a big smile I have on my face!

  4. I have a fondness for cardinals also. They are Kentucky's state bird.


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