Thursday, December 14, 2017

Saint-Aignan's church

The church in Saint-Aignan is an imposing building. It was built in the eleventh and twelfth centuries in the romanesque style. The church is a collégiale (collegiate church) originally managed by a group of secular clergy called a "college of canons." I have no idea how it's run today, but I know there is no resident priest. I think that the church is used mostly for high holiday celebrations and catholic weddings these days.

The church at Saint-Aignan reflected in the Cher River at sunrise back in November.

The winds gusted all day on Wednesday, with intermittent rain showers, all of which should be tapering off some time today. Then the cold comes back. A week from today is the solstice, the official start of winter, and the point at which the days stop getting shorter. Yippee!


  1. Gorgeous picture, Walt, with that reflection in the river!

  2. This time of year I can hardly wait for the shortest days to be over and to look for longer days minute by minute. Shouldn't the Solstice be the start of a new year instead of what we have?

  3. I agree with sillygirl, the new year should begin next week. I start to feel the longer days around January 7th.

  4. Great photo. It looks cold even then.

  5. jan, thanks!

    sillygirl, but there are two solstices... ;)

    evelyn, yeah, it takes a while, but it sure is nice when you notice!

    mitch, gracias. It was chilly, if I remember correctly.


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