Friday, December 22, 2017

Rue de Fleurus

I walked up and down this street countless times during 1981-82 when I was a student at the Alliance Française in Paris. The school is at the far end of the street, around the curve in the photo. To my back is the west entrance to the Luxembourg Gardens on the rue Guynemer. For the first four months of my year in Paris, I stayed in a pension de famille not far from here. Gertrude Stein lived on this street between 1903 and 1938.

Looking west along the rue de Fleurus in 2011.

Later, in the late '80s and early '90s, Ken and I often stayed at a hotel at the intersection of this street and the rue Madame called the Hôtel de l'Avenir. The hotel was nice, but not fancy, and reasonably priced. And the neighborhood is terrific. The couple that owned the hotel sold it in the late 90s and the place has since gone upscale. By then we had discovered rental apartments and stopped spending our Paris vacations in hotels.

The updated and renovated Hôtel de l'Avenir, also in 2011.


  1. I remember well the Hotel de l'Avenir where I stayed to meet you and Ken in January 1992 I think it was. I never stayed there again.

  2. Great shot looking west. The buildings have the look of a mountainscape.

  3. For some reason, the rue de Fleurus has stuck with me ever since 1981-82, when I walked that same path as you (but only for a month, since I moved to my au pair world after that-- and was forever late to everything after that LOL.) The name just stuck in my head, and I get a little thrill whenever I see it when I'm in Paris, or hear of it :) Good times.

    I hope your birthday was great!

  4. THAT would be a FABU neighborhood in which to reside!


  5. chm, I remember that! I'm not sure when our last time there was.

    mitch, especially with all that vegetation on the upper floors of that building in the center...

    judy, it's a neat little street, but so are most of them. Ha!

    anne marie, sure would! And thanks!


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