Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Café Hugo

The Café Hugo is one of the eateries on the Place des Vosges (4th Arrondissement) in Paris. It's on the northeast corner of the park, directly opposite the more famous (I think) Ma Bourgogne restaurant on the northwest corner. The street is named Rue du Pas de la Mule (Mule's Step Street). I posted another view of this café and the street back in 2011.

Café Hugo, September 2011. The outdoor seating is tucked under one of the arcades facing the park.

I don't think I've ever been to Café Hugo, but I have been to the other place I mentioned. The Place des Vosges is a very popular park/square in central Paris and is supposedly the oldest public square in the city, dating from the early 17th century. The park is surrounded on all four sides by arcades, home to numerous art galleries and boutiques. The café is named for French author Victor Hugo, who lived in the one of the apartments on the square for sixteen years in the mid 19th century.


  1. The four seats in front! The best view?

  2. When we go to Paris we stay in a small hotel a few blocks from there - love the Marais. A few times ago we visited Hugo's apartment - my husband was busy looking at things so I just stood and took in the whole room we were in - thinking of Hugo living there and bustling about.

  3. We stopped and had an afternoon glass of rosé (Betsy and Doug, anyway), and I had coffee -- and we each had a little slice of raspberry tart of something similar-- at one of the other café/restaurants in the arcade area, but I think it was on another corner.

    Happiest of birthdays to you tomorrow, Walt!

  4. I love Ma Bourgogne, I make a point of going there each time I visit Paris. And Happy Birthday, Walt!

  5. When in Paris for ten days in September, we went back to Cafe' Hugo and found it as good as ever, as the fully occupied tables attested. Why aren't Jean and I there now? Roderick

  6. Back before the Place des Vosges and the Marais became upscale, in the early 70s, there was a fabric shop under the arcade. The very old lady who had the shop was really very old and had never installed electricity in the shop. I would carry the bolt of fabric to the door, even outside, to see the color. I bought some thick wool to make a coat for myself. I loved that warm coat. She didn't have lining fabric and I think I had to spend more on the lining that on the wool. I think the wool fabric was 17 FFR per meter. There is now a very expensive gallery, there.

  7. Happy birthday, Walt, and enjoy your "steak au poivre"!

  8. john, that depends on what you call the best view! ;)

    sillygirl, cool!

    judy, maybe it was Ma Bourgogne?

    angiemanzi, thanks!

    roderick, I will need to try it!

    ellen, amazing!

    jan, thank you!


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