Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Today's grab bag

It's going to be another windy and wet day, although not as windy as Monday was, thankfully. We're not spending much time outside, except for dog walking, of course. Tasha got me up at four this morning to go outside. Then we went back to bed until six. The problem is that it doesn't get light outside until close to 08h30, so we have a couple of hours to hang out inside before walk time. Tasha is slowly learning to accept this. She'll be glad when spring brings more daylight, I'm sure.

Our back gate, which we hope to replace in the spring, is literally held together with spit and bailing wire. The garden shed's shutters are closed for the winter. Those brown plants are the dead Jerusalem artichoke stalks that I will trim down before spring.

Today is pizza day. I made the dough for the crust last evening. It rises for eighteen hours and doesn't need to be kneaded. The recipe is so easy and pretty reliable. And we like the way it bakes. For toppings, we have some leftover smoked chicken, we'll saute some onions and bell peppers, use some of our home-made tomato sauce, add some black olives and, of course, finish it with cheese. I'm hungry already!


  1. It gets light around 8:00 a.m. here, and I've finally persuaded my Lab that we should have a lie-in until 7:30 a.m. !

  2. we all need to be kneaded; I'mma come to your house for lunch!

  3. Please, keep me a slice of that yummy sounding pizza!

  4. yes Roll Tide.....thank goodness

  5. I look forward to a photo of that pizza!

  6. It's great to wake up in Alabama this morning! Please link or post your pizza dough recipe with the long rise.

  7. Just got a post to work by going to Chrome instead of Safari, yay!

  8. coppa's girl, Tasha (and therefore we) are still on Summer Time. We never made the adjustment. So when we turn the clocks ahead again in spring, we'll be back to normal. I think.

    anne marie, haha!

    chm, it was good, but we ate it all...

    melinda, :)

    judy, oops! I didn't take any photos this time. :(

    evelyn, I should do a post about it. I'll work on that.


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