Saturday, December 09, 2017

Through the woods

The Artsy Organized Neighbor maintains a short dirt road through his property adjacent to the vineyards out back. It doesn't really go anywhere, except to a steep path that leads down into the ravine which I've never taken. Tasha (and Callie before her) and I cut through the woods at the end of the road and come out in another vineyard parcel on the other side.

The dirt road is covered with fallen leaves right now. The path we take through the woods is behind me.

The path we take is well worn. I think it started out as a deer path through the woods, but after years of being trampled by Ken and me, Callie, and Tasha, it's a pretty clear path.


  1. I love the colors in this picture. The sun must have been at a good angle too. Looking out my window today, it is pretty dull.

  2. I love this view and the fact that there's no path in sight. (And the rich burnt oranges and mossy greens.)


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