Saturday, December 02, 2017


"Now the first of December was covered with snow." So sang James Taylor back in 1970. Was it that long ago? We had a predicted, yet still unexpected, snow event on Friday, the first of December. Forty-seven years later.

Ken took some movies. I took a few stills out the back window.

The snow was falling heavy, but it was not really threatening. It couldn't stick to the ground as the ground is not yet cold enough to carry snow. But the squalls were impressive nonetheless. We were out driving around when it started. It felt rather wintry. I wonder if we'll have more this winter?


  1. So was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston. But it seems dreamlike.

  2. Did Tasha play in the snow? She must have been bewildered.

  3. ....on account of that frosting,

    Now I'm going to have an ear worm all day, but such a nice one!

  4. mitch, but what the heck are "moonlight ladies?"

    diane, she was out in it a little, it didn't faze her.

    chris, I knew that would happen...

    1. Ha! I know this one. I read an interview with James Taylor a couple of years ago. According to James Taylor -- at least I think it's according to James Taylor -- Moonlight Ladies are the moon spirits that shine at night.

  5. Oh how I miss snow!
    The first one of the season invariably cheered me up and made me excited for christmas.


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