Friday, December 08, 2017

Winter walks

It's not officially winter, yet. But when the days are cold and dark, it might as well be. We walk the dog on the edges of the day, at first light in the morning and just before sunset in the afternoon. The sun is very low in the sky, when we can see it. But all is not grim. It's nice to be able to be outdoors and enjoy the woods, watch the birds, and breath the crisp air.

The evergreens are green, the oaks are golden brown, and the other trees are mostly bare.

Tasha gets impatient before walk time. It takes me a while to get ready. When it's cold and windy, I have to put long johns on. Then I have to get my boots on and tied up. Scarf, coat, hat, gloves. Tasha's harness and the leash. She bounces around waiting for the door to open and, then, we're off.


  1. Even the cubist art of the roadway is beautiful -- although the idea of long johns makes me shudder (even though Jerry wears them here).

    1. It's good to see that the roads are repaired ;) And that does indeed add a cubist aspect to the road.

  2. It must be hard to be a sex god in cold weather when long johns are required.

  3. Silk long underwear is one of the great achievements of our civilization. It got me through any number of New England winters.
    That's a beautiful road, Cubism and all.

  4. mitch, I hadn't worn long johns since I was a kid in upstate NY, but our winter walks here can be hard on the legs, especially when the wind blows. Now I can't imagine not having them!

    ellen, they take good care of the roads around here.

    andrew, one manages, doesn't one...

    john, fifty shades of gray. ;)

    emm, mine's cotton, not satin, not silk. :)


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