Tuesday, December 26, 2017


The wind picked up over night and is gusting rather strongly this morning. According to the forecast, it should calm down during the day, but pick up again tonight. Joy. Except for taking Tasha out, we'll probably stay hunkered down in the house today.

Gustav's tower on a sunny September afternoon, 2011.

We'll eat leftovers, of course. The turkey dinner was a great success yesterday. The turkey was moist and tasty, the stuffing was delicious, the sprouts perfect, the squash very squashy. We even had cranberry sauce that I made by re-hydrating dried cranberries (the only kind we can find here). I whizzed them in the food processor with a whole navel orange and some sugar. And there is more of everything left. We're planning to turn the turkey bones into broth for a pumpkin soup later this week. Now it's time to plan the New Year's festivities.


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