Friday, December 01, 2017

Garden gate

I like this gate that opens onto one of the garden allotments on the island at Saint-Aignan. Not as a gate, but as art. There's no accounting for taste, right? I wonder how well it works. Our own garden gate is in pretty bad shape (it's wooden), but it still opens and closes.

Held together with chewing gum and bailing wire?

So here we are in December already. The weather is consistent with the season right now. This morning it's down to freezing and the weather people keep talking about snow, but I'll be surprised if we see any where we are (oops, I was wrong, we had a few flurries). The mountain people are all excited because they're gearing up for ski season, and good for them. We do have to watch for verglas (black ice) on the roads this time of year.

Oops, I was really wrong. Serious snow squalls this morning. Bad visibility on the road. The ground's too warm for any real accumulation, though. Still, it's pretty!


  1. Walt, as an allotmenteer, I can assure you that this is state-of-the-art allotment construction so will work perfectly.....
    most of the time.
    It will not function properly when it is raining, you are carrying tools or veg.... or have cut it a bit fine for an appointment!
    At all other times it will open perfectly!

  2. And I'll bet it squeaks. A chilly 9C here right now. That's cold!

  3. I have visons of that gate collapsing unless it's handled with great care...
    8ºC this morning - very cold for us too, up on the Costa Blanca. Days like this I bless the central heating !

  4. tim, sounds about right...

    mitch, we're below zero this morning. Your 9º would feel balmy to us!

    coppa's girl, bundle up! lol

    evelyn, I think so!


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