Monday, December 04, 2017


There is a restaurant on the island at Saint-Aignan and they have a nice outdoor seating area on the river with a grand view of the château on the other side. It's a great place to eat in good weather, but it doesn't get much use this time of year.

The indoor dining room is up on the bridge level, the outdoor seating is below that on the river level. The door in this photo leads to the kitchen.

The restaurant has gone through several iterations over recent years. I think it just started out as a bar/café. It has changed hands a few times and the kitchen was submerged when the river flooded a couple of years ago. But it keeps coming back. We enjoyed hamburgers for lunch with friends there one sunny summer day. Tasty!


  1. In summer this place is probably full of poeple under the sun. "la douceur de vivre"

  2. We have quite a bit of that this time of year, too. I love that terrace floor.

  3. daniel, yup!

    mitch, it would make a nice patio...


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