Thursday, December 07, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Here's another one with Collette, from the late '90s/early 00's. We're on the pier at Aquatic Park in San Francisco. In the background toward the left is the Hyde Street pier. If you really look closely above and to the right of my head, you might see the Hyde Street cable car terminal which is just across the street from the Buena Vista Café where, according to legend, Irish coffee was first served in the US.

Collette looks toward the Golden Gate Bridge while I contemplate the city skyline.

Rising in the background are a few of downtown San Francisco's iconic buildings, silhouetted in the haze. On the left, the Transamerica Pyramid is easily identifiable. Just to its right is the twin-spired 345 California Center, whose upper floors now house the Loews Regency San Francisco Hotel. The imposing dark granite tower of the Bank of America building rises toward the center of the photo. On the right is a Russian Hill residential tower. The Transamerica and BofA towers are no longer occupied by their eponymous corporations.


  1. The muted colors from the haze make this look to be even more of a throwback than it is.

  2. Is it ever bright and clear in San Francisco?

  3. Nice photo of the good life Collette enjoyed and you as well.

  4. I picked out the transamerica tower right away.

  5. I remember going to the restaurant at the top of the BofA building way back when. Nice nostalgia picture.

  6. mitch, it is a blurry photo, true. Mood. Yeah, that's it. Mood.

    andrew, oh yes, it is. Often. But the fog is always there, somewhere. It's a matter of time of day and where you are in the city.

    evelyn, we did have a good time there.

    anne marie, I knew you would!

    emm, I've been to the bar there (what a surprise), but not to eat! ;)


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