Monday, April 29, 2019

Hoping for a dry week

After a week of relatively wet weather, the grass is growing incredibly fast. I got ten liters of gasoline a few days ago and now I'm waiting for a dry day or two to get out there and cut it again. When the grass gets tall and thick, I adjust the mower to cut it higher than normal. That makes the cutting easier. At some point I'll return the mower to the normal height and cut the grass shorter.

That's salvia sclarea (clary sage) thriving around the well. The grass is taller now than in this photo.

The little tomato seedlings are growing well in the greenhouse. This week I will thin them and transplant them into individual pots so they can get bigger before I plant them outside. We're also hoping for a dry spell to till up the garden plot. The last frost danger here is mid-May, so we still have a couple of weeks to get it done.


  1. I like those "green" tulips. I hope your tomato seedlings do well.

  2. We lead complicated lives.

  3. mitch, it's nice when it's green. Most summers it turns brown.

    evelyn, I planted those tulips fifteen years ago!

    chris, timing is everything.


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