Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Le clocher

This is the bell tower at the cathedral of Notre-Dame du Puy. It's unusual in that it's not integral to the cathedral itself, and it was built at the rear of the building rather than at the west entrance. From what I've read, the tower is 56 meters (about 184 feet) high, with seven levels. There are four bells installed at the top of the tower.

The cathedral's bell tower rises high above the surrounding buildings.

Our weather is cooler and wetter than it was a couple of days ago. We may have a light freeze on Thursday morning, so we have to keep an eye on the forecast. I may decide to cover the fig tree so that the young buds don't get damaged.

A closer view from a neighboring street that winds around the cathedral.

And, by the way, I have four zucchini sprouts and several tomato sprouts (so far) in the greenhouse. And the snow peas that I planted out in the garden a couple of weeks ago are sprouting as well. They should survive a light freeze. I hope. After all, they were intended to be sown between February and April.


  1. Glorious color! There's a prediction of hail here for Friday. Gasp!

  2. More exciting planting news! I can't believe it's finally spring. Whew!

  3. what do you cover the fig with? I understand plastic is not the answer but I have tried using a sheet & that didnt work either.....maybe it just got too cold so nothing would work (i dont have a fig but trying to keep my "frost free" gardenia alive)

  4. Do they ring the bells regularly?

  5. mitch, I like it when the sky is blue like that. Hail! Yikes!

    judy, It's fun to see the seeds sprouting. We still have the tilling to do, but we've got time.

    melinda, I use a fabric that I got at the garden center for that specific use.

    michael, I assume so, but they weren't ringing while we were visiting. Our local bells ring regularly.


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