Thursday, April 18, 2019

Just a door

It's not fancy. It's just a simple door on a house in Arlempdes. It does have a pretty big knocker.

The bell is pretty cool, too.

A door knocker in French is un heurtoir (from the verb heurter, to hit) or, according to Wikipedia, un marteau de porte (a door hammer). I learn something new every day.


  1. It reassures me that even after all your years of French and living there so long that you’re still learning words like this. It gives me hope for my Spanish. And it’s a beautiful door and a very big knocker.

  2. "what a set of knockers!" - young frankenstein

  3. I love doors. This one, and its heurtoir (thanks, new word for me, too), are excellent :)

  4. Beautiful door -- it looks almost Spanish to me.
    And more new vocab, merci.

  5. mitch, learning another language is a life-long endeavor. It never ends!

    anne marie, twisted minds think alike!

    judy, the internet is amazing, and kind of scary...

    emm, :)


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