Friday, April 26, 2019

Looking up

The church of Saint-Julien de Brioude is ostensibly a romanesque building. But, as with most churches that took a hundred or more years to build, the styles change from bottom to top. The upper parts of this building look like they're moving into the gothic style.

Ribbed vaults form the ceiling of the nave, a feature common to most gothic cathedrals.

I say that because the lower arches are round, typical of the romanesque style. But the upper arches are looking a bit pointed and the vaults are ribbed, both characteristic of the gothic style. Many churches in France exhibit this bridge between the two styles. That's part of what makes them interesting.

The column capitals are intricately carved. And look at that fancy stonework in the columns themselves!

The stone used in the columns and walls is multi-colored, quarried at various locations nearby. Light from the stained glass windows enhances the colors, almost magically.


  1. Fascinating and beautiful. My initial reaction began with the word holy but didn’t end as appropriately.

  2. You captured the beautiful light.

  3. That first picture opened on my laptop with the frame showing only from the top of the large arches and up. Quite disorienting, but spectacular. Try looking at it that way. At first, all you see is the greenish columns and the bar connecting them.
    Those are both wonderful pictures.


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