Friday, April 12, 2019

Oh snow!

This photo is not here but in the mountains south of Le Puy-en-Velay, taken more than a month ago. We found many of these little patches of snow on our excursions, laying low in shady places. Most of winter's snow was already gone, except on the higher peaks, which were quite white.

Snow still hanging on in a roadside ditch near Arlempdes.

We are not expecting any snow, but the low temperatures forecast for this weekend are at or below freezing. That's not good news for the grape growers; the vines are starting to leaf out now. I noticed yesterday the growers that own the vines around us put out smudge pots in preparation for a freeze. I don't know if they lit them this morning (Ken told me he heard their truck drive in around five this morning), but we'll find out soon.

The coldest morning is predicted to be Sunday. I went out yesterday afternoon and wrapped the fig tree in a freeze-protective fabric. I hope it works.


  1. I hope your fig makes it and your fruit trees.

  2. mitch, it was like this two years ago. Sheesh!

    evelyn, we're keeping our fingers crossed!


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