Sunday, April 28, 2019

One last look

Here's my final shot from inside the Basilique Saint-Julien de Brioude. I'm standing in the ambulatory looking west along the southern aisle. I think this view gives you a good feel for the volume of the space, the colors of the stone, and the varied light from the modern stained glass.

Those patterned stone floors are throughout the church.

We're moving now closer to May and the holidays that come with it. The first two Wednesdays in May are holidays. Falling in the middle of their weeks, the holidays provide people with an opportunity to take five-day weekends. I expect the zoo traffic will be heavy.


  1. The colors and textures, the spaces, and materials. Yes, stunning!

  2. This is really a place that I have to go to again. Fabulous.

  3. like- wow! This is the sort of church that makes one feel there is a heaven above.

  4. I have to agree with everybody's comments above! Lots of light streaming down from heaven(?)with all of the varied visions of stones from the ceiling, to the columns, to the walls and down to the floor. Very calming.

  5. christina, it is a pretty church, as churches go.

    mitch, sounds like a Broadway musical! ;)

    judy, did you see the church before? Or are you talking about the region in general?

    evelyn, :)

    michael, the guys who cut the stones were a talented bunch!

    mary, glad you enjoyed it!


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