Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Inside Saint-Julien de Brioude

Brace yourselves for a few church-y posts. I probably spent between five and ten minutes inside the church, so this is not an in-depth photo study, nor do I have any idea of the history or significance of what I was looking at most of the time. But no matter. It was pretty.

Looking up the central aisle of the nave toward the altar. That's a tour group seated around their guide.

We didn't get even one drop of the rain that was predicted to fall all day on Tuesday. I was frustrated because I put off cutting the grass. Turns out that I could have got it all done. Light rain is once again predicted for most of today. It is blustery out there this morning, and Ken just noticed that some rain is falling. It's 06h30 as I type this; not even light outside yet.


  1. What a wonderful, soaring interior! And yes, the columns are fabulous.
    Please post more interiors views of this beautiful church.
    Jim Lewis

  2. Walt, sufficient of churches. We have not seen images of Bert recently, what about one of him at ease in doors and one of him on the prowl out of doors? Roderick

  3. I'm trying to imagine the kind of organization and skill and nerve it took to build those columns without any machinery.
    Is the lavender-rose light from stained-glass windows? Or perhaps the stone there is more varied than we thought.

  4. mitch, there are more to come!

    chm, judy, they were quite colorful.

    jim, coming up!

    roderick, good idea. I'll work on that.

    emm, it's a little of both, the colors of the stone and the light from the windows.


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