Monday, April 22, 2019

The back side

The view from behind the church of Saint-Julien de Brioude gives visitors a better idea of the whole building thanks to a wide plaza. While Ken looked around inside the church, Tasha and I took a walk around back. I was surprised when the narrow medieval streets opened out onto this space.

Jesus hangs out behind the church.

There were plenty of people around because the Saturday open-air market was nearby, but I still managed to get a photo with no people in it. After a few minutes we walked back around the church to wait for Ken, then I went inside for a look.

Last December I mentioned that we were having relatively warm weather and quoted the old French dicton (proverb) Noël au balcon, pâques aux tisons (Christmas on the balcony, Easter in front of the fire). Well, the saying didn't hold up this time. Easter Sunday was warm and pleasant.


  1. I love the brickwork of this church! We had a chilly, windy, rainy Easter Sunday.

  2. Without intending to, I often manage to take a photo in a busy area with few or no people in shot. The fore of the building on the square looks quite different to the rest. Jesus is certainly hanging out.

  3. Ahhh, great photo. Glad your weather was lovely:)

  4. I love this church, I'm glad you found this view to photograph.

  5. Walt - you find such good angles! I prefer this side to the front!
    Thanks for sharing that french proverb - although we had nice weather for Easter!

  6. More mixed stonework on the church. Perhaps they were being thrifty and using whatever was on hand?


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