Monday, April 01, 2019

Inside the cathedral

Ken finished his quick look inside the cathedral of Le Puy-en-Velay and it was my turn. It's a big place, but without the soaring volumes of a gothic cathedral. The massive dark stone gives it a heavy feel, almost bulky. Still, there was enough light from the stained glass windows that I could snap a few photos inside.

The nave, looking toward the altar.

I did a quick walk around the nef (nave) and up to the autel (altar) and chœur (choir) before heading back out to meet up with Ken and Tasha.

A closer view of the altar. The statue in the center with the purple robe is la vièrge noire (the black virgin).

It occurred to me that I've probably spent more time visiting churches in France that I ever did going to church growing up. In the immortal words of Maude Findlay, "God'll get you for that, Walter."

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  1. Ha!
    Well, we're glad that you're going now, so that we can see them :)


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