Friday, April 05, 2019

Les portes

Here are a few of the doors I saw when we walked around the cathedral in Le Puy. I was impressed by the fancy iron work that adorned some of them.

Which would you choose? Door Number One?

The "freeze" we were expecting didn't happen, and it looks like everything made it without damage. The threat of a freeze or frost still exists. Officially, the risk of frost ends in mid May. Conventional wisdom says not to plant seedlings out until then. There's also a saying: En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil. En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît (In April, don't remove a stitch. In May, do what you please).

Door Number Two?

We have a busy couple of weeks. Somehow, Ken and I ended up needing prescriptions renewed at about the same time. That means doctor appointments for both of us. His is today, mine's on Tuesday. Then, he has a follow-up appointment with the dermatologist later this month. I'm going to see her in two weeks. There's only one dermatologist in our region, so getting an appointment can take months. When I called last week, she had an opening in April (I almost asked "what year?"), so I jumped at it.

Or Door Number Three? Jeez, I feel like Monty Hall.

It's also time to start doing the tax returns. Our French returns are due some time in May. The American returns aren't due until June (for Americans who live outside the US), but I'll probably do them at the same time as the French returns. That's been my pattern.


  1. Just for other Americans living overseas who are reading this, we have an automatic extension for filing our tax returns until mid-June. We can use form 4868 for further extension to mid-October. If we owe anything, however, we are supposed to pay by mid-April to avoid penalties. If you think you owe something, make an estimate for the April payment and when you finally file you'll either owe a little more or be due a refund.
    Like Walt, I can't really finish my file until my French filing is ready because I'm still waiting for some figures.

  2. Door No 2 for me, mainly because of the two worn out supporters.

  3. I love those doors. Coordinating doctors visits can be a big pain. We have some we can walk to, which helps.

  4. Oh, I just love those doors! I meant to comment to Ken that I enjoyed seeing the iron strapping that he showed in one of his slide show photos today, from Brioude.

  5. Door Number Two looks almost Chinese. I could imagine that those guardians at the side were Foo dogs.

  6. ellen, thanks for the info!

    potty, time to do the taxes!

    mitch, for a while we were a few months apart, but then, well, I don't know how it happened.

    judy, that was a cool one.

    emm, I wonder, I get that impression, too.


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