Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A closer look

I still have no information on what these five piles of rocks are doing out in a field among the vineyard parcels. They haven't been moved. I haven't seen anyone who might know, although eventually we'll see somebody and ask. So there they sit.

Nobody can see the rock piles from their house, you have to walk or drive by to notice they're there.

You can see that it's not gravel, so I don't think it's for filling potholes in the dirt road. Besides, that's a spring job after the rains have made more potholes. So the mystery remains intact. Are they there for a purpose, did whoever owns the land put them there, or did somebody dump them illegally? Time will tell.


  1. How odd. I hope it wasn’t illegal dumping.

  2. No interest in contacting the village or police?

  3. Could you ask the vineyard workers next time to see them?

  4. someone is up to no good that's certain.

  5. mitch, me too.

    mary, nah. People from town hall have undoubtedly seen it.

    emm, yes, there are a couple of them that we talk to regularly. But they're kind of busy right now. ;)

    michael, we'll see!


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